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Valerie Light Illustration

About Me

I make art every day, sometimes for work, and sometimes for fun. I've been a freelance artist for my whole life, but I'm new to illustration. As I work on polishing my portfolio, I'm having a blast following my curiosity and seeing where it takes me.

Growing up in a quiet town, I was that kid who read while brushing my teeth, walking to the bus stop, and under the covers long after my bedtime. I was (and still am!) most fascinated by stories of other times, other worlds, other places, and other ways of living.

As soon as I could I started traveling, using my art and planning skills to take me almost anywhere. I worked a little bit in every US state except Hawaii, and a bunch of other countries. I love exploring new places, and documenting my travels in my sketchbooks. Nowadays my home base is in New York, and I mainly work as a scenic artist for Broadway shows. My art is a tool that connects me with other people, so I'm always looking for opportunities to teach and mentor and collaborate with other artists.

This year I'm taking on a few small professional illustration jobs. I love being able to prioritize projects with themes of science, magic, travel, and adventure for middle grade and editorial publications. Board games and puzzles are next on my list!

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